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HR Prod 40m + 50 cal MG
M/V Miss Amelia - A Rescue Boat for the SSMBC
     The Miss Amelia started out as an old balloon boat given to me.  I stripped it down with only the hull & deck remaining.  A new motor, radio, and ESC was added as well as a new clear hatch.  I then decided to add a superstructure to keep in tune with keeping my boats as scale models.  I designed the new structure, removable push bar, and deck fittings.  All were made from scratch.  The model is approximately 1/20 scale.

     With the superstructure removed, the boat will serve as a camera boat.  Extra channels will allow movement of the camera on board.  The rescue push bar is removable and can be used while the boat has the structure on it or not.
        Overall view of the straboard side
       Hull as given to me.Without structure (camera ready)  
       Padded push bar installedBow view
Aft viewDockside
Closeup of structure (aft)Closeup of structure (forward)
Interior (top removed)