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Emma C. Berry

Emma C. Berry    
     The Emma C. Berry model is based on the actual ship located at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.  (I remember seeing it there when I was in my early teens.)

     The model (left) , which I built in the mid-1970's was manufactured by Sterling Models.   It is about 50" long (bow spirit to main boom, tip to tip).

      I increased the details in many places.  A major modification was fiber-glassing the hull, making it extremely strong.  (The original model's hull was fitted balsa sections over bulkheads.)

     The sails are actual lightweight sail material obtained at a local sail maker's loft.

     My original intent was to have it radio controlled, but I never went that far.  As I did see one of these actually sail under R/C, I had also added some lead in the keel.  This model did sit in the water at a mall hobby show in 1976.


    Bow and stern views:
Emma C. Berry                    Emma C. Berry


     Personal comments:  The ship model looks good as is, but it is my understanding that the model differs considerably from the actual Emma C. Berry.