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LCM (3) - Landing Craft Mechanized, Mark III
     The Landing Craft Mechanized - Mark III "LCM (3)" was built from an Italeri kit.  Even though the Trumpeter kit is more popular for R/C conversion due to the deeper hull (allowing more radio and motor space), I chose to use the Italeri kit for accuracy.  A fourth crew member was added (as there should be four) via a Trumpeter #99408.

     This 1/35 scale model is powered by two older (1990's) Futaba digital servos converted to drive the two propellers.  By removing all of the gears the servo will now move in both directions and have some speed control as the transmitter stick is moved.  A third (also older) servo is in place for the rudder.

        Overall view of the straboard side
       "Engine" RoomAft end
     Super magnets were cemented in place under all of the round hatches hatches in the hold, both on the sides and the bottom.  This way loads that have a ferrous metal plate on the bottom (like the fuel drum pallet) can be placed in the hold without blowing away or shifting.
       Crew of fourYeoman
     A fourth figure was added (Trumpeter LCM crew kit) as the LCM-3's typically had a crew of four and the Italeri kit only had three.  Both gunners were identical, so I posed the arms and heads differently as well as putting different creases in the clothing.
     Extra detailing was added through the use of extra lines (ropes) along the deck and for the life preservers.  A galvanized bucket, and plenty of "rust" were added to show wear and tear.  A pallet of 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon fuel cans was added (Tamiya).

     Add a GMC truck (Heller #81121) and a rifle squad (Tamiya #35080) at ease and you now have a decent looking model.with truck and rifle squad