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HR Prod 40m + 50 cal MG
MV Arne Christiansen

The real Arne Christiansen     Note:  This is a future model.  The current status is that I am finished drawing the plans (see bottom of this page) by measuring photos as there are no plans available.  Construction is in the queue, which will be after the PT boat.

This model of the twin screw 3,800 HP (1,900 each engine) Southern Towing Corporation towboat Arne Christiansen, which will be built to 1/35 scale.  The original's dimensions are: 120' long, 34' wide, and 10.6' deep (hull), and was built by Steiner Shipyards as hull number 504 in 2009.  (The other azimuth drive boats are no. 501, 502, & 503.)

     The model should be 42" long, 11.75" wide.  Loaded weight should be about 20 pounds.  Autosketch drawings were made by Lew using photographs.  As the model azimuth drives (next paragraph) are not exactly to 1/35 scale for this particular towboat, the hull will be deepened slightly to compensate for the slightly deeper drive.

Graupner Schottel drive     The unique thing about the Arne Christiansen (and several other towboats built by Steiner) is that the propellers are mounted as azimuth drives.  Some people call incorrectly them z-drives.  The drives for this model will be the Graupner 2335 Schottel drives (left).  (Graupner stopped all productiion in late 2012 so  these will be more difficult to get as time goes on.)

Cutaway view of the drive     The azimuth drives operate as both the drive (propeller) and steering (rudder) eliminating the need for the aft and flanking rudders.  Rather than divert the thrust by using rudders (which at most can diver thrust to the side at about 40-45 degrees), the entire drive (propeller mounted in a kort nozzel) turns, so full power or thrust can be exerted directly  to one side or the other and any angle with 360-degrees of movement.  The Graupner model drives have a 180-degree limitation on rotating, but the propellers can be ran in reverse so in effect, it would have the same performance as the real azimuth drives.

     Each drive can be ran independantly of the other, both in steering and throttle.  One could be pointed 90-degrees to the side at half speed and the other straight back at full speed.  The photo at the right is a boat builder's model showing the azimuth drive and short shaft to the diesel engine.

Pushing a "Tow"

Reduced copy of drawing
The final drawings are much more detailled that the one above.  I have seven pages of drawings.

     Status (January 2017): Drawings are done and plotted.  Model costruction is expected to start in mid 2017.  I have the critical two schottel drives and two Futaba HD servos, plus the electric motors.

More later as the model is constructed.