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54mm (1/32) Scale

54mm scale offers much to the modeler:
  1. Inexpensive scale figures are readily available in 1/35 scale in a variety of poses.  As the average person was slightly smaller in the 1860's than the average 20th century man, using a slightly smaller scaled figure makes sense.  Very few inexpensive Civil War figures are available in either 54mm or 1/35 scale.
  2. A variety of accessories are available in 54mm and 1/35 scale, including barrels, fences, vehicles (including horse drawn), canons, etc.
  3. When building a scale R/C model, if it is too small, hence a light-weight, it will "bob" in the water, especially when hit by wakes from other boats.  A 54mm scale model of the U.S.S. Monitor will tip the scale at about 67 pounds, enough to provide momentum for plowing through wakes.
  4. This scale allows plenty of room for equipment, especially to turn the turret and perhaps some sore of gun firing system should that be desired.
  5. This scale also is a good size for "super-detailing" - for example, bolt heads, stanchions, lines, bells, etc.  The view can then look close and almost get the feeling of being on the deck.

Why Sticking to one Scale Matters:
Monitor dimensions at 54mm scale      If more modelers (and the modeler that is building multiple models) builds to the same scale, the relationship of relative size is easier for the viewer to comprehend.

     For instance, the 172-foot U.S.S. Monitor at 54mm scale would be 64-1/2 inches long.  If a model of the U.S.S. Passaic (200-foot) was built at 1/35 scale, it would be 68-1/2 inches long.  At 54mm, it would be 75 inches long, a noticeable difference.

      The down side of a 54mm scale U.S.S. Monitor is the weight.  67 pounds is quite a lot to lift out of the water, requiring two people or a lifting device/launching trailer.  A lot of ballast can be made removable to lighten the load for transportation and storage, and reduce the model weight by about half.   However, the length of 64-1/2 inches (a little under 5-1/2 feet) is compatible with most vehicles, especially with fold down seats.