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U.S.S. Monitor - Turret

     New information is coming in as the original turret is disassembled at the Mariners' Museum in Newport News!  I am in contact with a volunteer who gets down into the grime and nuts and bolts.  They are near the top plates, which are on the bottom as the turret is still inverted.

I am gathering this information and hope to create a 54mm scale drawing.

April, 200
Operating Detailed Turret
      As stated earlier, more information about the U.S.S. Monitor is being released based on the recovery of various components and more research and existing documents are being made available.   Still, one must be cautious about the source as there is incorrect information out there.  Verlinden's© turret is a prime example.  A lot of work by that company went into designing the mold for the turret, but is has a number of major problems which makes this turret wrong to use in a scale model.

     Other evidence about problems with data is when this author purchased a set of U.S.S. Monitor "plans" from a so-called "reliable" source.  The deck plates ran lengthwise on the plans as opposed to crosswise.  When this author contacted the supplier, they used some lame excuse that they were correct.  The proof of the Gibson photos taken on board the ship did not phase them.

      Also not that there are a number of books as well as the Gibson stereo photographs that can compliment the builder's source of information for building and super detailing a model.