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Lew's 3D Model Making - Home
This sub-set of Lew's Model Boats pages is devoted to 3D part making for scale models.  This is mainly scale model boats and militarty vehicles but it is not limited to those models.  It is my intent to provide a simple but through set of information to the scale model builder in this recent (but not new) approach to model making.
These pages will be divided into several easy to follow sections:

One part (Videos, button above) will delve into the 3D part building process starting with preparing for 3D model drawing sometimes called "3D design" (which is only correct if your are designing a new product), but more accuratly called "3D modeling" or "Solids Modeling" especially if you are reproducing a part or assembly and simply entering it into a 3D model somewhat like "reverse engineering".  This will continue with how the 3D Solid Model is made, how it is processed for the 3D printer, the 3D printer operation, and post processing (sanding/finishing, cementing, painting, etc.).

Another part will deal with 3D files available (free 3D models as well as those for sale).  This will include what to look for and how the process is followed.

In "3D Model instructions" and "M1A2 Abrams 3D Accessories" you will find details and instructions for the 3D models I have on Shapeways.

Still more will be covered in other areas such as the type of systems available, both for home use (purchasing a 3D printer) as well as having your models printed on commercial (expensive but high quality printers) usually on line but also available locally in some areas.
Impact on Making Parts and Assemblies:
Some think that making parts using a 3D printing process is just not right.  I look t it as being another tool.  Just as the hand held roto tools (like Dremel) revolutionized drilling, carving, sanding parts, the 3D printer goes even further.  If one can adapt to this new tool why not use it?  The same goes for buying 3D  printed parts.  If you can buy a resin or styrene moulded kit why not a 3D printed figure?

A real time saver is when you want to build multiple identical parts.  Make one Solid Model and print it as many times as you want.  Wand to make the same article but in different scales?  3D Solid Modeling and 3D printing will make the changes in seconds.  More time will be spent on waiting for the printer to do its job.  This can take several hours.  Over the next few years this will change as the technology improves.