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Welcome to "Lew's Model Boats"  - Operational Scale Model Boats
Located in the Tampa Bay Area
 November 19, 2017
Member: Suncoast Scale Model Boat Club

Latest update: Resumed building the Frederic Mistral tugboat

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I am now creating files for 3D model parts set for 3D printing on Shapeways.com and are available to the public.  For more on thse parts select one of the  "3D" Model buttons to the left.
German Marine Schnellboote
Wiesel A Zobel Class type 142a "Schnellboot"
 this started out as a Graupner kit build but has been severely modified to reflect the real boat.  A lot of info is here for others on how to modify and super detail this boat.
(1/40 scale)
M.V. David Sizer
Small towboat A scratch built towboat that has been modified and improved in looks and performance.  Also includes a scratch built
(1/35 scale)
(updated April 2016)

PT -Gunboat
PT-61 Gunboat What started out as a regular Elco 77 foot PT boat (Frank's Mosquito Boat Hobby kit) is now a reflection of the PT-61 as the real boat was modifiedto be a gunboat in October 1943. 
(1/20 scale) (updated November 19, 2017)
M.V. Arne Christiansen
Arne Christiansen (start early-2014) This will be a model of a Towboat with two z-dives and will be entirely scratch built.  A series of 200 foot barges will also be scratch built.
(1/35 scale)
(planning stage- future build)
Trawler pilot house A 1950's British Fishing Trawler based on the Artesia Latina kit "Helen" with plenty of modivications and additional details.
(1/20 scale)
LCM (3)
LCM(3)  A WW-II LCM Landing Craft
based on the
Italeri kit.  The kit was intended for display only but has been modified to be operational.  It includes a 2-1/2 ton truck and a full crew.
(1/35 scale)
Steam Tug (Austria)
Frederic Mistral

Start mid-2013 A 1915 steam tug built from the kit
Duna by Anfora.  This is actually the Frederic Mistral which still operated on the Danube River.  The model is under construction but pending other model builds.
(1/40 scale)
(Updated - work resumed in October 2017)
Rescue Boat
Miss Amelia

Amelia Rescue Boat A fun project, this boat (ex-balloon boat) has a wood hull that was given to me.  The hull has been modified and has a new deck and structure, both scratch built.  It also has a removable plow to push (rescue) other boats and serves as the SSMBC rescue boat.
(~1/20 scale)
Despatch No. 9
42" tug  My first R/C boat (~1973), a 42" long scratch built version of plastic kit (scalled up) tug.  It has a fiberglassed balsa hull, and used a Heathkit radio for controll.  It is now retired.
(~1/25 scale)
Building the ironclad
"USS Monitor
USS Monitor info Good information to help anone who wants to build a model of the ironclad Monitor.  It was my intentions to buil one but other boat style have taken over.
Building a Civil War
"Ferry -Gunboat"

Civil War Ferry-gunboat Information  Like the Monitor, I was going to build a Civil War gunboat (ferry conversion) that was impressed and modified by the navy to be a gunboat.  I am making this informationavailable if you are interested in Civil War ships.  (Updated Nov. 19, 2017 to add a drawing.)
50/800 "Marbleheads"
50/800 Marblehead sailboats  My old competition R/C sail boats.
Adding a crew
to a model boat

Making crew membes  One of the important features of a true scale model boat or ship, unless the ship is to be a static display, a crew is needed.  It is truely inane to watch a boat or ship move without a crew.
- Tips, tools, workbench...  
  ...and more!
Tools for the R/C boater  If you are new to RC modeling (not just boats), you might want to have tools with you where you operate.  Also, some options for you shop setup are here.  (Check the tools and accessories button on the top for more.)