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Some 3D partsAbout this page

     These are my 3D models and information about them.  I generate 3D models which I have uploaded to Shapeways.com for printing.  My store on Shapeways is "Lew's Model Boats."  Please visit my store there (fast link: Lew's Model Boats on Shapeways).  Also, I can create 3D models for you to have printed on Shapeways or anywhere, even if you have your own 3D printer.  Contact me if you have any 3D printing questions or need 3D Model files created.

      Also I have information here on the 3D process and my successes.  You will find helpful advice, especially if you are new to 3D printing.  (3D printing is not new.  It has been around for many years, but now it is affordable.  Keep in mind that good, detailed parts come from good machines, those that cost thousands of dollars.  Check these documents to find out more.)

     To the right you can see just a few of the various 3D parts I have made for myself.  Here are parts I have made for my boats.  By making my own parts I can improve the designs to make them as user friendly as well as experimenting with the limits of the printing machines so have have as much detail as possible.  Quality and accuracy are important goals for me.  Lew

Updated 7/12/2017

Documents - Information

3D-Printing-for-scale-model-boaters - How 3D modeling works and recomendations on 3D printer (and what not to buy).  [Download file]

3D-Printing-for-scale-model-boaters - A followup guide on Lew's successes in 3D printing.  [Download file]

3D-Printing Through Shapeways - Don't know how to go about, finding and ordering, or need a new/modified help with a design for 3D printing?  [Download file]

3D Models - Instruction Sheets and Information

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40mm Bofors Rounds
40mm Bofors USN Wood Ammo Box
50 Cal BMG Used on USN PT Boats WWII
Deck Cleats
US Army Helmets
Manually Operated Winches
12 foot Jon Boat
Frederick Mistral dory
50 Cal Ammo Can
Four 40mm rounds in a clip

     Later in the a number of PT boats had 40 mm Bofors automatic cannons installed as they were being built.  Prior to that, some PT boats had these guns installed while in the war zones in the South West Pacific.  Several, including PT-59, PT-60, and PT-61 (gunboats) had two installed on each boat.  The were U.S. Army anitaircraft guns (M1).  The ammo used was the same as the Army.

3D Model for the 40mm Bofors (U.S.) round clip has four 4-round clips and eight single spent (empty) rounds on one sprue.  (A single 4-round clip is shown to the right.)  The spent rounds can be scattered on the deck as rounds already fired.  This can also be used for U.S. Army Bofors guns as well.

Scale: 1/16 & 1/20  (Larger scale can be made on request.  Smaller scales not possible due to 3D printing limits.)

[Go to Shapeways page for this model]

[Download Lew's instruction sheet for this model]

40 mm Bofors U.S.N. Wood Ammuition Box

40mm USN Wood Ammo Box

     This box replicates one original one found up for bids.  The model uses dimensions supplied as measured on the original box.  Text for the markings is available below, which can be used to make your own decal sheets on an inkjet printer.

3D Model for the 40 mm wood ammo box comes on a sprue with 4 boxes (one shown on the right).

Scale available: 1/20 (Other scales can be made upon request.)

[Go to Shapeways page for this model]

[Download Lew's instruction sheet for this model]

[Download the decal artwork and instruction sheet]





50 caliber BMG - used on the U.S. Navy PT boats (and others) during WWII

50 Cal BMG assembly

     PT boats built in the U.S. had two twin barrel (or "dual") M2 50 caliber Browning Machine Guns installed in the turrets.  Later, more of thse guns were instlled in other places on the main deck.  These guns were also installed on other U.S.N. boats and ships.  The models listed here have the Navy barrels as part of the 3D gun part.

3D Models will vary depending on what parts you want.  Parts are: Gun (reciever and barrel as on piece) left and right; standard flash hider, cone shape flash hider; mount; yoke; ammo belt flat ammo belt shaped for horizontal gun elevation (more to come).  Note that the mount has rotatable feed guides that are cemented in place after elevetation is set.  (See instructions.)  Also, the mount now has four simulated shock absorbers underneath and the trigger cover panel between the handles.

Scale: 1/20   (Larger scale can be made on request.  Smaller scales not possible due to 3D printing limits.)

Match what you are looking for (numbers indicate quantities).  Each mount comes with two routatable ammo belt guides.  Ammo belts are sets (left and right).  So a set of two belts actually has two left and two right.

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page for
this model
Gun RH Gun LH Mount Yoke Flash Hide
Flash Hide
Flat Ammo
Sh. Ammo
Belt 0
Sh. Ammo
Belt 15
Sh. Ammo
Belt 30
[Model] 10 10                
[Model]     2 2            
[Model] 2 2 2 2 4 4   2 2 2

[Download Lew's instruction sheet for this model]

Deck Cleats - most boats

Deck Cleat

     Deck cleats (also known as kevels on towboats and barges) are used to fasten lines (ropes) to.  There are several different sizes shown here, all are the "horn" style (right).  Many modelers have a tendenacy to oversize the cleat/kevel, sometimes much larger than they should be.  It is best to have a drawing or photographs of the boat. 

3D Model for the cleats/kevels have  twelve cleats are attached to one sprue.  (Lengths below are tip to tip.)

Scale: None.  (These are listed by size as cleats come in various sizes.)

[Go to Shapeways page for the 1.38 inch long model]

[Go to Shapeways page for the 1.50 inch long model]

[Go to Shapeways page for the 1.62 inch long model]

[Go to Shapeways page for the 1.75 inch long model]

[Go to Shapeways page for the 1.88 inch long model]

[Go to Shapeways page for the 2.00 inch long model]

[Download Lew's instruction sheet for this model]

U.S. Army Helmets

U.S. M1 Helmet

     The U.S. Army (also navy and Marine) M1 helmet was used from early WWII up through the Vietnam War period up until 1985.  Many other countries also used this helmet.  The U.S. Navy used the M1 helmet as protection for its gunners,especially when using anti-aircraft weapons for machine gun fire from attacking aircraft, ordnance and falling shrapnel.  Colors for these helmets were the same shade of blue, grey, or red used on naval vessels.

3D Model for the U.S. M1 Helmet. It is available in both 1/16 and 1/20 scales. This model has 20 helmets on one sprue which must be cut by the user.  Helmets are thin in thickness to approximate the thinness of the original "steel pot."  Handle with care and you will be OK.

Scales available: 1/16 & 1/20.  (Larger scale can be made on request.  Smaller scales not possible due to 3D printing limits.)

[Go to Shapeways page for this model]

[Download Lew's instruction sheet for this model]




Manually Operated Marine Winches

  Marine Winch    Some smaller towboats, like the Springer might have manual winches to tighten the cables to the barge(s) to keep them in place when turning or reversing.  This winch [link to winch on Shapeways] is a typical design.  Even though this winch is non-functioning it can simupate an operating winch by runing the cables through the slot and down through a hole in the deck.  There the cable can be attached to either afunctioning winch or to extension springs attached on the other end near the back of the boat.  The tension should be zero when the loop end (for the barge) is sticking out of winch for a bit.  The loop end of the cable goes around a spool sheeve then out to the barge.  Tow winches and two hold down "bolts" on a sprue.

Scale available: 1/16, 1/20, 1/24, 1/35

[Go to Shapeways page for this model]

[Download Lew's instruction sheet for this model]

12 Foot Jon Boat

 12 Foot Jon Boat    Jon Boats can be found just about every where.  They can also be used as a transport boat (either on the deck or trailed behind) for towboats, barges, sail boats, etc.  Often found around docks, marinas, as well in back yards of homes near lakes, etc.

     Most modern Jon Boats are made of aluminum.  That is what this model reflects. It has ribs like those in the bottom of the boat, visable from both the inside as well as the outside.

     Scales available: 1/16, 1/20, 1/25, 1/35, & 1/48.

      [Go to the Shapeways page for this model]

     [Download Lew's instruction sheet for this model]


Frederic Mistral Dory

 Dory    This model was created for the Anforna kit "Duna" (actually the Frederic Mistral).  You might find this interesting boat applicable to your needs.

     Scales: 1/35 & 1/40. 

      [Go to the Shapeways page for this model]

     [Download Lew's instruction sheet for this model]



50 Caliber Ammo Can

 Dory    This model was created for the dual 50 cal. BMGs used behind armor shields for the PT Gunboats 59, 60, & 61.  You might find this can applicable to your needs.  Matrial is Shapeways "White, Stron, and Flexible."  16 cans are supplied, all mounted on a sprue.

     Scale: 1/20. 

      [Go to the Shapeways page for this model]

     [Download Lew's instruction sheet for this model]