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Update the Zobel Class Schnellboot Graupner Kit
Modifying and Building the 1/40 scale model: GraupnerTM kit 2145

          Caution You are about to enter "a lot of work zone."

The best way to modify the Graupner kit is to have a set of builder plans.  I did not have that, so the next best way for someone a half a world away is to use photos, especially taken from different angles.  I have tried to ease the pain by pointing out various errors and omissions, as well as poor quality such as the vacuum formed parts on this site.  I can email close-ups or sketches I made if needed.

Deck Plan     Select the image at the left to view a larger version of the actual deck plan.  (That image is probably bigger than your browser window.  Change your zoom setting or print the file.)  This will assist you in determining where the model components should be located.  A larger file is available from Lew via email.
Steps I took to Improve the Graupner kit

The way the model looked before the changeThe correct way: four shafts & 2 rudders     Here is one major improvement in the look look of my Schnellboot:

     The photo at the left is the way I first built the model:  Three propeller shafts and three rudders.

     The photo at the right shows the re-build of this area: Four shafts and two rudders.  This was accomplished by purchasing new shafts and smaller propellers and making new rudders.  The bottom of the hull is changed significantly in the center skeg and the elimination of the rounded bilge and converting the edge to a hard chine.


Torpedo loading racks


     Another example of the wrong information from the kit manufacturer is the torpedo tube racks.  The photo at the right shows both one built from the kit's instructions (left) and one built using photos and drawings (right).


I have four PDF documents for modifying the Graupner kit.  Select those below to download.

1. Changing to four shafts and two rudders.

2. New radar dome base.

3. Modifying the rest of the model:

     A. Instructions

     B. Drawings

4. Running (motor control) Schematic 

      - Contact me if you want free copies of any of these above documents.

      - I also have a lot of sketches, drawings, and photos - free via email.

(The last document (no. 3A & 3B above) is about 95% complete.  It will be progressively updated until the model is completed.)

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