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Real Schnellboot Photos

     With the absence of builders plans, one of the most reliable resources for creating a good scale model of the Zobel Class Type 142a "Schnellboots" is photographs.  There are plenty of photos of these boats on the internet, but only a few show close-ups important for detailing.

Conversion comparison     On this page are a few of the many photographs I have found.  I recommend doing a complete search of the internet and obtain as many as you can get.  Do not rely on other builders of the Graupner
TM kit for accuracy.  Most have followed the kit's directions, right or wrong.  Others have embellished the model with their own ideas, many being wrong.


     The first photograph shows the difference between the as built Zobel Class boat identified by the German Navy as "Type 142."  All ten of the boats were modified in the mid-1970's and were now identified as the "Type 142A" Schnellboot.

All of the type boats are not identical!

     Always check the photographs of individual Schnellboots of this class with the particular name of the boat you want to model.  There are subtle differences between each of the ten boats originally built in this class.  For example, some have additional storage boxes near the front of the superstructure, and some don't, and other have them near the aft part of the structure.  There are other differences, including the turret painting, etc.

Zobel Class    This photo of the Wiesel (P6093, right) is actually of the Zobel (P6092) of which I changed the number "2" to "3."  In reality, the Wiesel did not have the megaphone/siren located just aft of the rear turret in this photo.

    Quite noticeable in photo and absent in the kit are the six plates along the hull just below the bulwarks (two are forward, one above the rub rail).

     Another detail picked
up here is the use of tarps covering the side and aft rails.  Virtually all of the photos have this covering, so it is important to have this on the model as well.

Refueling    This next photograph is of the Ozelot (P6101, right) was taken while taking on fuel.  This was the final boat of the Zobel class.

     A few more details can be picked up here, including the use of tires as bumpers.  But the more common use of bumpers was the big "balloon" type seen on the deck of the first photo (right side, the 142A version) as well as stick up slightly in the previous photo.

     Water can be seen pouring from the ports along the hull just above the water line.  The big exhaust ports were located just below the waterline on each side (two per side).

     Notice how both guns are pointing forward.  This is very common position for the guns, and they are like this in almost all of the photographs.

     Also, the use of scale figures of the crew would enhance a scale model considerably.

A Few Details...

     Lastly, an important collection of close-up details is important in researching what the real Zobel Class boats looked like.  Below are a few of the examples I have found.
Hermelin's radar mastForward GunReal Crew
Inside the bridge              Inside the bridge
More Puma detailsPuma's port side

Bridge superstructure close-upOverhead View of Bridge

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