PT-59, 60, & 61 - A Trio of PT Gunboats

PT Boat Links
Below are some great PT Boat links.  These were verified as active in mid-February 2016.
The PT Boat Forum a good site to find information and get answers (if you join).
PT Boats Inc. Lots of information and photos.
Haze Gray Listings of PT Boats by hull number (i.e PT-109).
The Library Of Congress PT Boats by hull number divided up by classes and builders.  Basic information on the boats.
PT Boat World Good site with information on the PT Boats as well as photos and model builds.
PT Boat list PT Boats and their nicknames.
PT Boat Bases A listing of the various PT Boat Bases.
...and there are many more great sites, too many to list here by maintaining the active ones and deleting the ones that have dropped off the net.  Use your search engine for general or specific searches.