PT-59, 60, & 61 - A Trio of PT Gunboats

Canvas Tarps used on PT Boats in the Tropics
     When detailing a model PT Boat there are a lot of options available.   One option in adding extra details could be the use of one or more tarps.  Obviously they would not be used while the boat is in action.  Perhaps a removable tarp on the boat while it is on its display stand or even in the water while tied up to a dock.  After all, when running R/C boats they are not always in motion.  I like to pull mine in and either anchor it off shore or tied to a dock.

      The photo above is an excellent one showing one boat with its tarp in place and the other  either being deployed or being broken down.  The photo below shows a tarp in place on a PT Boat deck as the men work loading torpedoes.  For most of the war, PT Boats operated at night.  Morning was usually sleep time and afternoon was typically work time (maintenance, re-arming, etc.).
Canvas tarp (behind torpedo)
     Above shows one of the tarps in place on a PT Boat (behind the torpedo).  As the crews usually operated at night they rested in the morning.  The afternoon was for maintenance and resupply, both requiring shade.