PT-59, 60, & 61 - A Trio of PT Gunboats

Photos & Drawings of the PT Gunboats as Converted
      Due to similarities between the conversions, photos of PT-59, 60, & PT-61 as gunboats grouped appear here.  PT60 & 61 are virtually identical according to what can be found.  PT-59 differed somewhat in the added side guns where some appeared to be single barrel and might also be .30 caliber MGs.  There may some difference to the added armor around the flying bridge.

Rare photo of the PT-60 or PT-61 as a gunboat   PT-60 (sililar to PT-61)
PT-59 dual 50 BMG   PT-59 dual 50 BMG

Above: The MGs identified as ".50 cal. sinngle" may be .30 cals.

PT-61   PT-61