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U.S.S. Monitor - Links

Museum , Libraries, and other historical references
Mariners' Museum
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Monitor Center
The foremost source for information on the U.S.S. Monitor.  The museum's Monitor Center has many original artifacts as well as full sized reproductions and dioramas, and has an on site library as well as a store to order various items and books.
Department Of The Navy Online Library of Selected Images, U.S. Navy ships, USS Monitor (1862-1862), selected views, also views of and concerning this ship, representing everything pictorial they have on the Monitor.
Public Broadcasting (PBS) Various videos to Lincoln's "Secret Weapon."  Tour the Monitor, check out the recovery, see the battle and find out how a steam engine works.
The History Net Information from "the world's largest history magazine publisher."
Smithsonian Scale model at the Smithsonian Institution (Washington) and some information on the ship.

Other Ship
Model Builders

Monitor by Charles Landrum Although a smaller model (Battleaxe's 1/144 scale model), the builder has presented how he built the kit, which might be helpful to other builders of the Monitor.